Rogue RA-090 review – Superbly sounding guitar at a fair price

Rogue RA-090 review The perfect guide to a perfect guitar.

Will you ever compromise with the quality, if it comes in case of your passion? Yes, DEFINITELY NOT. Well actually nobody who will do.

Most guitarists have one common problem. They are forced to compromise with the quality of the guitar that they play.  This is due to two reasons – either due to shortage of funds to buy a good guitar or due to the lack of knowledge regarding the features that make a guitar perfect for anybody. But you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Here, I am going to introduce to you one really outstanding guitar that is not only affordable in price but also comes with a plethora of cool features.
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The Rogue RA 090 is an entry level guitar that seems perfect pick for a beginner. That does not mean it will fail to impress a seasoned guitarist. The kind of the sound it produces as well as the make and built of this guitar definitely will excite any guitarist to have it in his collection as a secondary choice if not as his main piece of guitar.

You will have a look at the features of guitar little later. But before that let me feed you with some information about the manufacturer of this brand of acoustic guitars.


Rogue guitars are manufactured by a company called Sunbo which is a house name for the music distribution company Musician’ . The brand name Rogue was taken from the Rogue river in Oregon , near to which the office of Musician’s Friend is located.  The Rogue guitars are manufactured in modern factories using latest guitar-making technologies and paying attention to the minute details of luthier’s  art.

rogue ra 909 review

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The products of Rogue are found in the lower-end price range of the market. However considering the comes with the price, these guitars can never be labelled mediocre.
Since this article is all about Rogue’s RA090 model, I will have to discuss about the sound quality as well as design and make of RA090 in particular.

In order to make this “Rogue RA090 review” sufficient enough for you to make a purchase decision, I am discussing the features that this guitar come with. In the next section of this article you will find a forthright review about the product’s features. Let’s dive in. 


When we have to judge a guitar, the things that matter the most are the quality of sound of the guitar as well as the make and design. It should be remembered that the sound of a guitar is by and large dependent on the materials used in manufacturing the guitar. The better the quality of wood and other materials  used in making the guitar, more lively and robust is the sound that guitar. This is why, in this Rogue RA-090 review, I have tried to cover  all the detailed specifications of the instrument. Lets start with the make and design of the guitar.


The guitar flaunts a dreadnought design having a standard white-wood body. The standard size of the body however makes it little difficult for a child, but is perfectly sized for a teenager or an adult. The advantage of the standard sized dreadnought body is the solid sound that it produces. The depth of the body provides enough projection for its sound to be heard across any mid-sized room.

The neck of the guitar is made with Nato wood, a kind of wood that has similarity with Mahogany. The nato wood makes the neck rigid enough to sustain the pressure on the truss rod such that the guitar does not lose its original tone.

The fretboard is made of Rosewood gives the guitar a sweet and warm tone. Moreover, the maple bridge also imparts rigidity to the guitar. Both the fretboard and the bridge adds a stunning look to the front of the guitar. The 16” radius of the fretboard felicitates the convenient up and down movement and sliding of fingers on the guitar.

The top of the guitar is made of spruce which not only adds brownie points to its flamboyant look of the guitar but also plays a great role in producing a robust sound.

This consistency in design is well carried by the beck of the guitar . The back is made of Mahogany, which gives a classical look to the guitar.

Lastly, the guitar comes in 7 different variations, as mentioned below:

1)Mahogany.     Buy here.
2) Natural.          Buy here.
3) Black Color.   Buy here.
4) Mahogany Natural.    Buy here
5) Natural color.    Buy here

6) Satin sunburst.  Buy here 
7) Sunburst color.      Buy here


To be honest, you will be disappointed to know about the hardware that comes with this guitar. This model does not have any electronics. However,  we may mention about the nickel hardware and the covered tuners. The nickel hardware seems to age nicely with use.


If you have great expectations,you may not find the sound of this guitar to be top-notch. Nevertheless, it is acceptable considering the price you are paying for it. The sound that the guitar produces definitely is quite bright and warm. For any beginner, the sound of the guitar is justified to a fair extend. 

The body of the guitar provides a great deal of punch and clarity in the sound of the instrument. The dreadnought design of the  body renders powerful projections and impressive resonation to fill the sound of the guitar across the room or to be heard in a stage or campfire. 


Now that I have covered almost all the detailed features of this guitar, its time to quickly learn about the pros and cons of the instrument.


Slightly curved fretboard, which makes it convenient to play with the guitar.

Comes at a great price which can be afforded by anyone.


May not be suitable for kids.


Our Rating: 4.3/5

Surely enough, this guitar has most of the ingredients that makes any guitar qualify to be one of the best guitars in the market. The low price of the guitar may make you hesitate whether to purchase it or not. But believe me, once you bring home the RA-909, you will never be disappointed. If you are looking for best acoustic guitar under 200, then Rogue RA-909 is definitely a good, if-not-the-best-choice.


A professional guitarist and Guitar trainer, I love to write reviews of different guitar brands as well as music equipment.

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