Inabez GRX70qa review

Ibanez GRX70qa Review(2020) | Best sounding guitar for beginners


Inabez GRX70qa review: What will be your answer if I ask you whether you are a seasoned guitarist or a newbie? DID YOU SAID NEWBIE? Well, if you are a beginner you must be facing difficulty in finding out the best guitar for yourself. As you know guitars are mainly- acoustic and electric. So, depending upon your preference you should be looking for best acoustic guitars for beginners or best electric guitars for beginners.

While there are several electric guitars that comes at the range of a beginner’s budget, not all of them can be considered the perfect one.

Again all models of electric guitars come with variety of features -some really essential and some rather superfluous. This makes it difficult for you to find the correct piece of instrument while starting out. Remember, picking up the wrong guitar will not only slows down your learning pace but will also lead you to frustration.

To help you avoid such a scenario,  I am presenting  before you a guitar which can be recommended to any beginners like you

By looking at the title of the blog post you must have already got the idea about the masterpiece I would like to introduce before you. YES YOU ARE RIGHT. We will discuss everything about Ibanez GRX70qa, the guitar that can rightfully be labelled as the best piece of electric guitar for a beginner. Lets have a look at what is in store for you in this Ibanez GRX70qa review. Before we delve with the features of the guitar, let me talk briefly about Ibanez, the japanese guitar brand that is manufacturing amazing electric, acoustic and bass guitar along with guitar accessories.


  • Ibanez is a japanese brand owned by Hoshino Gokki Co. Ltd
  • The company is based in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
  • Hoshino Gakki company was started in the year 1908 as a musical instrument sales subsidiary of the bookstore chain named Hoshino Shoten.
  • In 1935, Hochino Gokki started manufacturing spanish acoustic guitars using the brand name “Ibanez Salvador”, which later was changed to sinple “Ibanez”.
  • The name of the brand was kept “Ibanez” to honour luthier Salvador Ibáñez (1854–1920) . 


Initially Ibanez use to manufacture replica guitars of American guitar brands like Fender Gibson. This led the company to face legal issues. But once these issues were settled, Ibanez stopped copying other brands rather started manufacturing original guitars.

Ever since the company has introduced some really cool guitars to the market. It is known to present to the music industry some of the most exclusive guitars that are flaunted by great guitarists like Joe Satriani, Herman Li etc. 

Towards the end of 1997, Ibanez had decided to explore the budget guitar industry. It release the GIO line of guitar models which had become immensely popular among the beginners. Out of the 10 models of the GIO line, the GRX70qa id somewhat different in terms of quality of sound and design.

Lets head to the next section of the article which will elaborately and comprehensively give the Inabez GRX70qa review.  


Make and design 82%

Body: The body of the guitar is made of poplar wood, a light cream to yellowish brown wood that normally is considered cheap but is known for its similarity with alder. Though poplar may have a harsher edge than alder, it does not matter much for the guitar. The body of the guitar has a top quilt of maple which gives a great texture to the instrument making it visibly marvelous on any stage you are performing. This model of the guitar comes in 4 different colors – 

1) Black

2) Red

3) Green

4) Blue

5) Transparent Sunburst

It should be mentioned that though the guitar has a clear finish, it still look a bit dull and hence has scope of improvement. The scale length of the guitar is 25.5”.

Neck: Like most standard guitars, the GRX70qa also has maple neck with Rosewood fingerboards on it. Maple and Rosewood forms a great combination in providing robust tones in guitars. There are pearl dot inlays which helps in finding notes along the guitar in a proper way. The smooth and thin neck along with the medium sized frets contributes in a great way to the effective playability of the guitar. Out of the many other features , the neck surely provides brownie points to “Ibanez GRX70qa review”.



Hardware and electronics 85%

Inabez’s GRX70qa model has some of the best innovative features that any budget guitar can have. The pickups used in the guitar is a well reflection of the same. The guitar follows a HSH pickup configuration and all the pickups used are powerhouse pickups that contribute hugely in producing the raw and punchy tone. Inabez’s own pickupups namely PSND1, PSND-S, and PSND2 are found from neck to the bridge. The pickups have passive ceramic ferrite magnets which is very important in giving therobust sound feature of the guitar. The pickup switch of the guitar is also configured interestingly. Position 2 and Position 4 split the humbucker in such a way that half of the humbucker and the middle single coil will stay active instead of the entire humbucker.

One of the only demerits of this guitar is the quality of the tuners. The tuners are non-locking and may detune guite quickly. Apart from that, other features seem quite satisfactory. The FAT-6 tremolo bridge has individually adjustable saddles. The quality of the bridge is mediocre. The bridge has whammy bars which can be used in creating vibrato effect. The GRX70qa guitar has two knobs for the purpose of control. These volume knob and tone knob work pretty fine just as  the volume and tone knob in any other guitar.


Honestly speaking, if you are an hardcore professional guitarist and looking for some miracle kind of sound from this guitar, you will be disappointed. But as I have mentioned from the beginning of the article , the GRX70qa guitar is a perfect choice for a beginner. And the kind of sound it produces will make any beginner go gaga about the guitar. 

Sound of an electric guitar depends heavily on the pickups. They pickups used in this guitar are decent enough for a budget guitar. But again, it may disappoint you if you compare it with a premium guitar. The pickups seem to be quite dynamic and responsive though at times they may sound bland or lack harmonic response.

Inclusion of double humbuckers does have some good impact on the sound of the guitar. So does the powersounds  which renders power to the guitar for a producing dynamically loud tone.

Even after being a guitar of budget range, it still has the versatility to be used in different genres of music like  pop, jazz, country, metal and hard rock

The below video will give an idea about the quality of sound of the guitar. Have a look


To cut all things short, all the positivity of the guitar is mainly attributed to it’s make and design.  And hence this article about Inabez GRX70qa review will remain incomplete if I don’t mention about the playability of this guitar.

The  playability of GRX70qa is also credited to the superb and aesthetic design as well as finish of the guitar. Most importantly the quality of the wood used in the fingerboard not only enhances the quality of sound of the guitar but also enables any guitarist to smoothly move his fingers along the higher to lower notes and vise versa. Lastly, the inlay dots in the fretboard makes finding any note quite easier for any guitarist. 


Now that you have came to know all the features of the guitar ,this article about Inabez GRX70qa review will  stay incomplete, it I donot include a couple of FAQs about the product along with its PROs and CONs. The next two section of the article will cover these two. 

TO BE HONEST: This guitar is a great choice for aspiring guitarists. The quality of the sound is something that make us write this review about this instrument. Well while there may be better guitars at a different price range, but ibanez GRX70qa is probably one of  if not the best guitars under $ 200.


Q: Does the guitar comes with a gig bag?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: What to do if the guitar is damaged ?

A: There are authorized repairing centers of Inabez all over USA. You can find them here.

Q: I am a professional guitarist, Is this guitar good for me ?

A: Honestly speaking, NO. This guitar suits best for the newbies. If you are a professional guitarist, the quality of sound and the features of this guitar might disappoint you. Even then if you still want an extra piece of instrument in your collection, you can go for it.




✅ Pickup configuration is arranged with coil split HS/SH selection

✅ Body and neck is made of premium quality wood.

✅ Bridges and other hardwares of the guitar are of decent quality


Tuners have the tendency to de-tune quickly as they are non-locking.


Alright! So finally to wrap up the discussion, let me on the first place thank you for reading the whole article. The inabez GRX70qa is a great guitar.  But as you know every great things also has its own flaws. Same is with this wonderful piece of instrument. If you are a newbie , I must say there will only be few other good choices if you reject this instrument. So without much pondering , get home this wonderful guitar. 


A professional guitarist and Guitar trainer, I love to write reviews of different guitar brands as well as music equipment.

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