How to put strings on a guitar

How to put strings on a guitar?

How to put strings on a guitar?

How to put strings on a guitar?  Imagine you have a car. And in the middle of a ride, the car breaks down. There is no one else to help you to fix the car.

The same situation will be faced by a guitarist if he does not know “how to put string on a guitar”.

Usually guitars come with strings already attached with them. But in certain situations you must need to change the strings of the guitar. The most common reason is that the strings of the guitar got broken. With time and repeated striking the strings of the guitar wear away and break down. Then comes the time when you are forced to change the strings of the instrument.

Sometimes, even with a new guitar you may need to change the strings. This may be because of the configuration of the strings. Usually all guitars are configured right-handed, but if you are a left handed guitarist, you will have to destring the guitar and rearrange them in reverse order.

You should remember that there are various risks to the guitar if the strings are not handled properly while playing as well well as while changing them. But worry not, there is nothing to panic. I have brought this article exclusively for you to let you understand how to put string on a guitar or in other words, how to change the strings of a guitar.

Aint you interested to know? So, without further ado, let’s start with the process.

how to put string on a guitar?

Step 1: Always clean the fretboard before changing the strings.

You might like to use wood polish to clean the fretboard. However, it should be kept in mind that some polishes might affect the guitar strings. And so you should be careful about it and know what you are using.

Step 2: Change the strings one at a time.

For this step, you might need a string winder which will help you in destringing the strings. If you do not know what a string winder is , have a look to this. Gently loosen all the strings one at a time  using the winder. It is important to remember that do not loosen all the strings at once. Doing so might potential bend the truss rod and hence the neck of the guitar.I would always recommend you to start with the high E string. Place the string winder on the tuning pegs and loosen the string. Once the string gets loosen, unwind it off the tuning post. Now you will have to pull out string from the bridge of the guitar. To do so, you will have to first pry out the bridge pins. The string winder can help you out in doing the same. After the pin is removed, pull out the string end from the hole.

Step 3: Put new string in the guitar

Now that the old string is removed, you are ready to replace it with brand new string. Take out the new E string from the packet  and slide it into the hole along with the bridge pin with its groove end facing towards the sound hole of the guitar. Remember to pull the string with your other hand as you place the pin in the hole.

Step 4: Place the open end of the string in the tuning post

Now as you have finished step 3 of the procedure, one end of the string should be placed in the string hole of the guitar bridge. Take hold of the other end and wind it in the tuning post of the guitar. Finally tighten the string using a string winder.
While following the whole process, do not forget to set the strings in the order of 6E, 5A, 4D, 3G, 2B, 1E .
Also if there is any excess string, make sure to get rid of them using a wirecutter.

Step 5: Tune the guitar

With guitar strings finally replaced, now you will have to tune the strings. You can use a guitar tuner to tune the guitar. Here are some of the best guitar tuners that you can buy. You can also tune your guitar without a tuner. Follow this lesson to know how to do that.


Now that it’s time to wrap up the discussion, There are a couple of additional information that I would like to put forward.

  • Always clean the guitar strings after you finish playing the guitar,
  • Play your guitar with clean hands.
  • Always use a string cleaner to clean the guitar strings regularly.

Also while changing the strings be carefull that you donot poke yorself with the  sharp end of the strings.




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