The ultimate guide for aspiring guitarists – [Read before getting your first guitar]

MOST COMPREHENSIVE GUITAR GUIDE       Ask any teenager what his favorite musical instrument is. If he is a true follower of music , the obvious answer will come as GUITAR. Yes indeed guitar has always been able to register a soft corner in the heart of a MELOPHILE  [Noun. (plural melophiles) One who loves music].  Even if you are not a true music lover, you cannot deny the fact that ...

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How to put strings on a guitar

How to put strings on a guitar?

How to put strings on a guitar?  Imagine you have a car. And in the middle of a ride, the car breaks down. There is no one else to help you to fix the car. The same situation will be faced by a guitarist if he does not know “how to put string on a guitar”. Usually guitars come with strings already attached with them. But in certain situations you must need ...

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