Best tuner for acoustic guitar.

Best tuner for acoustic guitar:The most important thing about becoming a professional guitarist is to first  own a decent guitar and practice the instrument. Once you have picked the guitar, you must make sure that the strings of the guitar are in tune. If you want to find a good acoustic guitar for yourself, check this article .

A guitar which is not tuned gives weird sound that will drive you nuts.

There are ways to tune the guitar strings manually without taking help of any tuner. I will let you know about the technique at the end of this article. So keep reading till the end of the article, if you want to know about the best tuner for acoustic guitar and also to know the trick to tune the strings of a guitar without a tuner.





Before I describe these 5 top tuners in the list, let me put some light on the types of tuner as well as the basic features of a good guitar tuner. 

Types of guitar tuner

In today’s time there are a huge range of guitar tuners that are available for the guitarists across the globe. Different tuners are available to suit the beginners as well as an amateur guitarist. So, before I tell you about the best tuner for acoustic guitar, let me narrow down the types of guitar tuners that are available for you in the music industry. Tuners of guitar are of the following types:

  1. Tuning Fork.

  2. Pedal tuner.

  3. Clip-on headstock tuner.

  4. Handheld tuner.

Tuning Fork

tuning forkTuning forks are the most basic type of tuners used by guitarists. The device consists of two metal arms. When these arms are stuck they give produce pitch at an exact frequency for a particular

note.That pitch is used to tune one string of the guitar. And the rest strings are tuned on the basis of that one already tuned string. The one obvious drawback of this tuner is that it needs some practice to master it.

Pedal tuner

pedal tunersIt is basically a digital tuner that can be attached to your guitar and tune it efficiently. The tuner can be directly linked to your guitar and hence can be  used to tune the guitar without any distractions.


Even though these tuners are heavy and bulkier, they give the most accurate tuning and hence are mostly used during onstage performances. However these tuners are of use only if you have a pickup in your guitar or using an acoustic-electric guitar.



Clip-on tuners

clip on tunerClip-on tuners are the most popular tuner among all. This is due to their flexibility and ease to use. These tuners are clipped on the headstock of the guitar and they use piezo sensors to hear the sound of the guitar through the vibrations of the wood. You don’t need an input jack or microphone  to use this tuner.  

So basically you can use this tuner anywhere if there is no noise or distractions from other instruments.  But it should be kept in mind that these guitars should be handled properly with care as they are light and fragile.

Handheld tuners

These tuners have built-in microphones that hears the sound from the guitar and helps in tuning. These tuners have one disadvantage. They are not suitable to be used in locations where there are other instruments too. Hence in a noisy gig, you may not like to take these tuners with you. So, now that you know the types of the tuners that are available for you in, let me delve into how you should select an acoustic guitar tuner.


How you should select an acoustic guitar tuner?

Tuning an acoustic on the stage is the most challenging thing for a guitarist. The problem surfaces for the reason that unlike electric guitars, you cannot totally nullify the natural projection of an acoustic guitar. And so the audience can hear you as you strum the strings while tuning. That is why in smaller venues you may like to use a sensitive tuner that does the job at the slightest pluck of the strings. The clip-on tuners seem to serve the purpose for that. Besides the fact that they are light and easy to use makes them the most suitable choice while you perform in a smaller event.

However, contrary to that if you perform in a bigger event with louder settings, the scenario may change. In such events, it will not be a problem to tune your instrument silently. However, there will be distractions as several instruments may be tuning at the same time. And so, in such a case the pedal tuners are the best choice for most effective and accurate tuning of your guitar.


Features of an guitar tuner

Now that you know about the different types of guitar tuners, let me tell you about some of the important features that a tuner must have.

  1. Display of the tuner:

    In order to help the guitarist perfectly tune the guitar, most of the all tuner have a display that shows the correctness of the pitch of the strings. The displays are of two types. In one type there is a meter with needle which moves left and right as the pitch changes. The other type is a LCD display. While choosing a tuner, keep in mind the brightness of the display as it may be an issue in a dimly-lit stage.

  2. Auto Pitch Detection:

    This feature is found in most of the high quality tuners and has lately been considered as one of the important and essential feature of a tuner. The feature allows the tuners to automatically detect the pitch that has been played.

  3. Special tuning modes:

    For a beginner, this feature may not be that much essential. However, if you have some kind of expertise and experience with the instrument, you may find this feature really handy. It allows your guitar to be tuned in sync with other instruments like a baritone guitar. Moreover drop tuning and capo tuning are also supported by this feature.

  4. Metronomes:

    Some tuners come with metronome setting with them. Metronome produces an audible click sound at regular intervals. This feature is really helpful for beginners during practicing.

  5. Silent tuning:

    This feature is specially found in some pedal tuners. It let out the sounds from strings into the a display but not to the output of the instrument. This feature is specially useful while performing onstage.

Now that you have known the basics of a guitar tuner, let me not make you wait more. Below you will learn, as we discuss about the best tuners for acoustic guitar that are not only readily available but also popular among the guitarists across globe.


TC Electronic PolyTune Clip

The PolyTune tuner is a clip-on type of guitar tuner. It is designed as a true companion of a guitarist aiding him to precisely tune his instrument. The tuner comes with three tuning modes – Strobe, Chromatic and Polyphonic modes. While the polyphonic tuning mode allows you to tune all the strings of your guitar at once, the strobe tuning mode offers a +/- 0.02 cents of tuning precision and chromatic mode allows lightning-fast, quick on-stage tune-ups. The tuner has a super bright 108-LED matrix that provides accurate display during tuning. Moreover the adaptive screen makes it possible to change the orientation of the tuner for left and right hand viewing. Similarly there is a monopoly feature that lets you switch between polyphonic and monophonic tuning features. The tuner also provides flat and capo tuning and reference pitch selection which is necessary for absolute tuning flexibility.

KLIQ UberTuner

This advanced yet easy to use guitar tuner lets you tune your guitar accurately in bat of an eye. The tuner is equipped with advanced MicroProcessor and highly sensitive Piezo Sensor that allow you tune your guitar accurately. The piezo sensor detects the pitches directly from the vibration of the instrument. And so tuning is never affected by the ambient room noise. The display of the tuner is super bright and can be adjusted for viewing from any direction. It also has a durable design which makes it a reliable tuner for any guitarist. Besides the guitar comes with a 3 year replacement guarantee from the manufacturer.

Snark ST-2

Snark has different range of guitar tuners widely popular among guitarist of all ages. This clip on tuner features a faster chip for better accuracy while tuning. It also has features like tap tempo metronome and flat tuning/transpose functions. Moreover it has built in microphone as well high sensitive vibration sensor which detect the pitch with utmost precision. This model of Snark tuner allows pitch calibration from 415 to 466 Hz. The high definition display of the tuner can be rotated 360 degrees, which makes it convenient to tune the guitar from any angle. Above all, the capability tuner is not limited just in tuning a guitar. But it can be used to tune other instruments too with great precision.

Peterson StroboClip HD Clip-On Tuner

This tuners comes from a Chicago based company who have been in business since 1948. Peterson is highly recognized in the music industry for their mechanical strobe tuning products that also include the stroboclip HD clip-on tuner. This tuner is suitable not only for guitars but other stringed instruments like violin, mandolin, ukulele as well as brass and woodwind instruments. The tuner has raised buttons that helps in quickly identify the on/off controls in dark environments. Moreover there are up and down buttons to navigate between the various settings of the tuner. The clamp is rubber padded and large enough to accommodate a wide variety of headstock widths. The most interesting feature of the this tuner is definitely the 50+ tuning presets that are designed to increase an instrument’s playability across broader range of notes. These presets termed as Sweetened Tuning are instrument specific and can be used to achieve brighter and cleaner tones. Lastly the HD display facilitates real time tracking of input signal from the instrument from any distance or any lightening condition.

So There Rechargeable Clip-on Tuner

As the name itself says, this tuner comes with rechargeable feature which means batteries are not required to be changed again and again. It comes a USB cable that can be used to charge the tuner. The tuner can be used for 5 long hours on a single charge and also has the energy saving mode.  It powers down automatically after 3 minutes of no signal. The design of the tuner is also convenient for its use in any conditions. It comes with dual 360 degree rotation and full color high definition display. Further, the tuner provides pitch-perfect tuning even in noisy environment because of its highly sensitive vibration-based tuning. It has a pitch calibration from 430 hz to 450 Hz. Lastly, like some of the previously mentioned tuners it is also suitable for tuning other instruments like violin, ukulele etc.  

FInal words

That brings an end to the compilation of best tuner for acoustic guitar. Tuners are definitely a very useful accessory of any guitarist. In this article I have curated a list 5 “best tuners for acoustic guitars” with the intention to help you out in making an informed decision while purchasing your tuner. If you think the article has served the purpose do let me know in the comments section, as to, which tuner out the 5 mentioned, has caught your attention.  Good luck with your pursuit of becoming a ROCKSTAR. 


A professional guitarist and Guitar trainer, I love to write reviews of different guitar brands as well as music equipment.

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