Best electric guitar for beginners

Best electric guitar for beginners [A-Z buying guide, 2020]

Best electric guitar for beginners: While you are starting out to learn the basics of a guitar, I will always recommend you to pick up an acoustic guitar. However if you are fascinated with electric guitars, you should know that there are many brands and models with different price ranges and features .

Remember that choosing an electric guitar out of the many choices available for you is not an easy task. Several manufacturers are introducing quality electric guitars in the market on regular basis.

While some of them may have outstanding design, some others may surprise you with the quality of its sound.

Again  there are some which except being slightly overpriced , may possess  all the other properties that qualify them to be “best electric guitars for beginners”. With that being said, you must have realized now that selecting the perfect instrument for yourself requires a hell lot of research. I am trying to make that easy for you.

Best electric guitar for beginners

This article will serve as an one stop resource that you will need while making a purchase decision . 

GOOD NEWS: This article will not only discuss about the best electric guitars for beginners, but will also talk a few bits of knowledge that you should have about the instrument, aka ELECTRIC GUITAR.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s quickly have a look at the 5 “best electric guitars for beginners” .


The below table will give you a glimpse about our top 5 entries in the list of best electric guitar for beginners.

The above list has unveiled the names of the guitars that have made it to the list of ‘best beginner’s electric guitar for the money’. Now it’s time to discuss each of this guitars comprehensively describing the features that they posses. So let’s dive in to the discussion.



Yamaha has been the pioneer in manufacturing some of the outstanding models of guitars , both acoustic and electric. The Pacifica Series was introduced in the year 1990 and rightfully has caught the attention of all music lovers since then.

Pacifica series is designed and modeled to suit different styles and also to  harbour different genres of music. Among all the other guitars in the Pacifica series, the PAC012 model was introduced as a beginner- friendly electric guitar.


Definitely the answer lies in its make and design as well as sound quality along with the playability. Let’s have a look at all these aspects in details.

DESIGN, MAKE AND HARDWARE: Like all other models of the Pacifica series, the PAC012 also comes with great finish, design and a really great quality hardware. Solid agathis wood is the body material of the guitar whose fretboard is constructed with rosewood and neck with maple.

The guitar has two single pickups – at the neck and in the middle. The pickup at the bridge position is a humbucker. The guitar follows a H/S/S pickup configuration.

This electric guitar is accompanied with Yamaha die-cast tuning machines on the headstock. Tough these tuners are not really the best ones, they still tunes the strings of the guitar in an efficient way.

Lastly the guitar is endowed with tremolo bridge that has a chrome plating for increased stability and durability.

SOUND QUALITY AND PLAYABILITY: The Pacifica Series is known for its versatility of sound which mostly is attributed to the amazing hardware that Yamaha has used in constructing this guitar. Though this guitar is mostly suitable for beginners, its quality of sound will not discourage a seasoned guitarist.

The humbucker has a great role to play in the quality of sound that this guitar renders. Along with that, the tuners and the tremolo bridge also contributes in the magnificent sound of this budget guitar thereby making it one of the best electric guitars for beginners.

The guitar is fairly easy and convenient to play. Moreover, you can  play all genres of music with this guitar- jazz, rock, latin, blues or even hard rock. 



Great make and build
✅ Outstanding finish. Frets as smooth as feathers.

✅ Tuners do an awesome job in tuning the guitar perfectly.


Many buyers have complained about buzzing in the E string.


Epiphone Les Paul is rightfully considered as an alternative to Gibson Les Paul guitar for those who cannot afford the later. I am not going to compare the two guitars, but will discuss about the various features of Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar. Features that allowed the guitar find its place in the list of best  electric guitars for beginners.

The Epiphone Les Paul guitar is considered as one of the most precisely replicated Les Paul guitar that gives you all the essential elements of a Les Paul guitar. Below I have elaborately discussed the features of this awesome instrument.

DESIGN, MAKE AND HARDWARE: This guitar is equipped with a really cool design that makes it popular among the beginners. Les Paul is one of the iconic guitar body built and Epiphone made complete justice to the design by delivering a aesthetic design to the guitar which is quite similar to the guitar from which it is inspired from.

However, Epiphone has made some tweaks to fit the guitar within the $200 budget. For example, the body of the guitar is made with Basswood instead mahogany. Similarly unlike that of a traditional Les Paul guitar, the  neck is bolted in the guitar instead of being glued. In spite of these tweaks done by Epiphone to make the guitar affordable one, its quality is not compromised. The guitar features a Rosewood fretboard with 22 frets in it that contributes greatly in the quality of sound produced.

Even though the hardware of the guitar is quite basic, it is enough to give any guitarist an accomplished feel. Two humbuckers are fitted with the guitar , of which the one at the neck is a 650R while the one at the bridge is a 700T. The two humbuckers can be chosen by a three-way toggle switch.

The headstock is where you will find top quality sealed machine heads 14:1 tuners , nickel buttons and tune-o-matic style bridge. These hardware of the guitar provide a great outstanding stability and adjustability to the instrument.

The low price of the guitar may make you think about the sound quality of the guitar. But that never is the case. Though the guitar is cheaply priced, the sound is never by any means can be labelled cheap. For a beginner, the quality of sound of the guitar is just enough. Same can be said about experienced guitarists who will definitely enjoy playing the guitar.

As already mentioned, Les Paul guitars is an iconic model of electric guitars. Though the Epiphone Les Paul is a miniature version of Les Paul guitars in term of price,  the quality of sound and playability is well maintained by company even in that budget price.


✅ Pickup configuration is arranged with coil split HS/SH selection

✅ Body and neck is made of premium quality wood.

✅ Bridges and other hardwares of the guitar are of decent quality


Tuners have the tendency to de-tune quickly as they are non-locking.



V.C Squier Company was a renowned manufacturer of guitar strings. The company was acquired by Fender in 1975. Fender later re-branded Squier as the lower priced version of their original guitars.

Squier guitars are manufactured in countries like India, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico and Indonesia. Due to less production and labour cost of these countries, the price of the guitar is not as high as the actual Fender guitars. Because of the low cost, the guitar is one of the best choices for beginners who want to try electric guitars.


Although the price of the guitar is within the budget, its sound quality as well as make and design cannot be labelled cheap. The guitar has almost all the elements that a Fender guitar has. Let’s have a look at the features that made the guitar find place in the list of best electric guitars for beginner.

DESIGN, MAKE  AND HARDWARE:The guitar comes with a cool design which is reflected well in the gloss polyester body finish. The maple-wood neck that has a C-shape also endows a glossy finish.  The fret-board which is designed with maple wood has 21 medium jumbo frets and black dot inlays to give you a convenient note presence.

The chrome tuners  allow you to keep the guitar at tune even after years of usage. This vintage modified electric guitar allows players to add personalization to the guitar in order to modify the feel and value of the instrument. 

The guitar features a wide range humbucking pickup in the neck position that renders a incredible full tone. The humbucking pickup is well complimented by a Duncan Designed TE-101B single-coil bridge pickup which yields a sharp and clear tune.

Lastly, the guitar has three-way toggle pickup switching, four black skirted amp knobs (two volume, two tone) which play a great role in producing the clear and sharp sound with the guitar.

SOUND AND PLAYABILITY: Like all other Fender guitars, this model also delivers  a sweet tone and clear sound. The wide range humbucker pickup allows you to produce beefy sounds that are perfect for blues and rock music. 

The playability of the guitar is top notched considering the fact that the fretboard adds a lot to the comfort . The maple fretboard allows any player to comfortably and conveniently move his fingers along various notes and strings.



Furnished with great electronics..

Top quality pickup with wide range.

Great value for money.


Sometimes the Humbucker mayn’t match a proper Wide Range.


For an absolute beginner, the quality of the guitar matters a lot. Just because you have started your journey as a guitarist does not mean that you have to stay content with an inferior instrument. You have already come to know three of the most budget friendly electric guitars that you can bring home right now without much pondering. 

Presenting before you the fourth entry in list of “best electric guitars for beginners” . This classy guitar, bearing the model number GRX20ZBKN, comes with promising sound quality and stunning design.The GRX20ZBKN is one of the models of GRX- series of electric guitars from IBANEZ.  

IBANEZ is a Japanese musical instrument manufacturing company which has a good name as a manufacturer of classy electric, bass and electric guitars. 

MAKE DESIGN AND HARDWARE:  Ibanez has introduced this guitar in the market to make sure that beginners do not need to compromise with the quality of instrument they deserve. A precise guitar with great sound matters a lot during the formative days of a young learner.


The GRX20ZBKN guitar has some of the great features that may put even a premium guitar to shy. While the body of the guitar is made out of good quality Basswood, the fingerboard and the neck are made of Rosewood and Maple respectively. The medium sized frets in the fingerboard makes playing the guitar very comfortable and convenient.  Apart from that the pearl dot inlays help in finding notes quite easily.

The FAT -6 tremolo bridge which is exclusive produced by Ibanez, also has been featured in the  GRX20ZBKN model. Similarly two pickups are placed in the neck as well as the bridge of the guitar. The pickup at the neck is
PSND1 while the pickup at the bridge is PSND2.


Good quality wood and the maple neck is quite reliable and sustainable.

For a beginner, the strings are quite good enough and doesn’t hurt your fingers.


❎Does not come with accessories like gig bag, extra strings.



Jackson is a musical instrument manufacturing company which was founded by Grover Jackson. The brand is now acquired by Fender Musical Instruments. 

 I have already mentioned it several times that if you are a beginner starting out to learn playing the instrument , you should undeniably choose the perfect guitar that suits your requirements. This whole article is to give you insights about the best electric guitar for beginners, so that you can take proper purchase decision. 

The JS22 Dinky model can be labelled as a perfect package for any beginner.  Let us have a look at the great features this guitar carries along with it.

I should not be wrong to mention that this guitar has a really eye catching look which can attract any guitarist. The metallic blue color surely enhances the beauty of this guitar.  

It has a less vintage and much modernized style which is reflected well in the hockey stick styled head-stock. The exterior design of the guitar has a noticeable modern look and feel.

 The body of the  guitar is made of basswood, which , though being cheap, yet is more than adequate in its quality and tone amplification. Besides, as basswood is light weight, the JS22 Dinky guitar also is easier in its weight.

The quality of a guitar depends mostly on the resiliency of the neck. Since neck of JS22 is made of maple wood, the guitar remains intact years after years of usage.  

 The bridge of the guitar is made of tremolo, which indicates that the strings remain stable even under adverse conditions.  

Warning: The tuning machines of the guitar have some problem, but it can be considered for the price you are paying for this guitar.

If you reject the guitar for the quality of the tuning machine that I have mentioned, there are several other good things of the guitar which will compensate that problematic tuning machines.

One such good thing about the guitar is the pickups. The two high output Jackson’s Humbucker pickups do a fantastic amplification job.

Lastly, the guitar has adequate controls which allows any guitarist to do sound customization. Moreover there are ways by which a player can switch between settings for pickups. Any guitarist will have a great time with these! 

SOUND AND PLAYABILITY: The JS22 Dinky has a great sound, thanks to the perfect amplification rendered by the two humbucker pickups. Though advanced and experienced guitarists may not find the sound interesting, a newbie will definitely have a great time with the instrument.  Specially those who are inclined towards metal and hard rock, this instrument will surely impress a lot. 
Besides that, the guitar is quite comfortable and convenient for playing. The rosewood fingerboard ensures effortless gliding and movement of the fingers. Similarly due to its lightweight, anyone will find it comfortable to play this guitar even for hours.


Has a rock and roll design.

✅ Has a styrdy built.

✅ Superb performance due to myriads of included features.


Has tuning stability issue.



Most beginners have this doubt in their mind – Should they buy an acoustic guitar or an electric one? Well there is no rule of thumb that beginners should only start with acoustic guitars. Many famous guitarists have made the starting of their journey with an electric guitar. Check this link to know the first guitar of 33 famous guitarists.

If you have the constraint of budget, you should obviously start with an acoustic guitar. Remember that, though the instrument matters, owning a premium guitar alone will not make you a skillful guitarist. You should rather practice the art really hard with whatever guitar you can put your hands on.  

With that being said, one should also keep in mind that if he/she is interested in hard rock music, I would recommend you to go for an electric guitar. Here are the best electric guitars under $200. 


In present times, there are several brands that manufactures quality guitars , both acoustic and electric and launches them every now and then. You can find guitars at price as low as 100$. If you are a beginner, any guitar, be it electric or acoustic , within the price range of $100-$200 would be good.


If you are buying a new electric guitar there are few features of the guitar that you should check before making any decision.

✅ What is the quality of material used in making the body, neck, fingerboard and bridge of the guitar?

✅ Does the guitar have a proper pickup configuration?

✅ Test the amp and make sure that all the knobs are working properly.

✅ Check and play every frets on each string.



This article has covered 5 outstanding guitars that qualify to find a place in the list of best electric guitars for beginners. With the list of these superb instruments, I hope it will now not be difficult for you to make a informed decision on which electric guitar to choose from. However if you want a single recommendation from me, you can take home the YAMAHA PACIFICA SERIES PAC12 ELECTRIC GUITAR without having a second thought .


Has a rock and roll design.

✅ Has a styrdy built.

✅ Superb performance due to myriads of included features.


Has tuning stability issue.


A professional guitarist and Guitar trainer, I love to write reviews of different guitar brands as well as music equipment.

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