Best acoustic guitars under 300

Best acoustic guitars under 300[2020 Buyer’s Guide]

Best acoustic guitar under 300:
If you donot know, guitars are one of the nost popular musical instruments from ages. This wooden instrument with six strings has found a sweet spot in the heart of every musicians.

$300 is definitely a good budget if you are thinking of buying a new guitar. Several brands of acoustic guitars has some best models which they are selling under 300$.

But again it is true that when the choices are many, it is difficult to select the best choice for yourself. That is where this article will help you.

Here I have listed the top 5 guitars that qualifies as the “best acoustic guitars under 300”.

Best acoustic guitars under 300

Let me first introduce you to the top 5 guitars that you can have at 300$. Later I will elaborately discuss all these top entries in the list. In the meantime, I would like to recommend you to have a look at the guitar buying guide, if in case this happens to be your first guitar. 

Best acoustic guitar under 300

Below is the table where you can find the top guitars that comes under 300$. If you have planned to burn 300 bucks for the new instrument, go through this list to find your best acoustic guitar under 300.  

At 300$ you can definitely bring home a quality guitar. But as I have already mentioned that the guitar market  already  has plenty of options to choose from. Since I have introduced you with the top 5 guitars under 300 USD, its time for us to make a comprehensive and elaborate discussion of all the products listed above. Here you go.

Yamaha FG830

Definitely, Yamaha is one of the most most reputed musical instrument manufacturer. there is no doubt about the quality of instruments coming from the house of Yamaha. Like other models, FG830 is also a great guitar that is known for the quality of its sound. 

 Though the guitar is having a traditional design it is not devoid of the premium features that most high end guitars have.

The FG830 is a latest model of Yamaha’s FG series which is known for their quality and comfortable guitar bodies that too at a very reasonable price.


Design and Make

The Rosewood back, fingerboard and sides ensures a high-end tonal balanced to the guitar. The look of the guitar is enhanced to a great extend by the Rosewood back and sides as well as the cream plastic binding of the fretboard and the body.The body is made with painstakingly cured and dried woods which are given hand sprayed finishes.
One of the many things that you will like about Yamaha FG830 is that it comes with many color variations such as –

  1. Autumn Burst,
  2.  Black,
  3. Natural,
  4. Sunburst
  5. Sunset Blue

Sound Quality

Thanks to the cutting edge acoustic analysis and new scalloped bracing patterns, the FG830 guitar renders a louder and stronger sound in the low and mid ranges. You are definitely gonna be impressed by the rich projection and overtones of the guitar. Moreover the sonic impact of the guitar will also surprise you to a great extend. 

You can watch the video below to get an idea of the sound quality of the guitar.

Pros and cons


Impressive sonic impact

Strong and clear bass


No cutaway.

Takamine GD20-NS

As compared to Yamaha or other big companies in the music industry, Takamine is no less a name. Takamine guitars are known for the quality of wood used in manufacturing the body of these guitars.  

The GD-20 NS model of Takamine guitars is also one of such premium guitars that definitely impresses everyone with its superb make and design as well as quality of sound. We will discuss the sound of the guitar little later, but before that lets dive in at the make and design of the instrument. 

Design and make

Takamine GD 20-NS is a dreadnought acoustic guitar. The need of a classy designed guitar is very well reciprocated by the cedar top as well as mahogany sides and back. The guitar also has  rosewood fingerboard and satin finished mahogany back which definitely give the guitar a superior look.

Sound Quality

The company not only manufactures excellent quality guitars with fine premium tone woods but also painstakingly give attention to all the minute details that should be there in a quality guitar. 

The materials used in manufacturing the GD 20-NS guitar  renders a bold dreadnought tone which impresses every one.  Quarterswan X bracing provides internal support and reinforces the soundboard and back of the guitar for the purpose of producing excellent sound. 

Watch the below video to get the quality of sound of this guitar.

Pros and cons


Great Value at 300$ price range.

Premium quality tonewoods.

Pinless bridge.


❎ May require a setup to custmize the guitar for best experience.

Yamaha APX600 BL

Yamaha makes another entry in the list of “best acoustic guitar under 300” with this excellent model. Like the other models of Yamaha guitars, the APX600BL also promises excellent quality of sound and comfortable design.

Though I have listed this guitar in top acoustic guitar under 300 USD, the APX600BL is more of an acoustic-electric guitar.

The elctric feature of the guitar is well played by the undersaddle piezo pickup and  the Yamaha proprietary SRT transducer. This two features of the guitar produce a natural tone as well as feedback rejection and mixer friendly sound which every guitarist craves for.

Let us now have a look at the design and make along with the sound quality of the instrument.

Design and make

This guitar has a thin-line cut-way design that makes it comfortable enough for any guitarist to play. Playability of the guitar is highly enhanced because of this design. Apart from that, the guitar has a reduced  scale length of 25” and narrower string spacing which adds to the comfort of playing the instrument.  

The look of the guitar is highly enhanced by the sitka spruce top.  Similarly, the rosewood fingerboard and bridges adds a premium feel to not only the look of the guitar but also the quality of sound that it produces.

Lastly I should not forget to mention that the back and sides of the guitar are made of Nato.

And also the guitar comes in different color variants like:

  2. BLACK

Sound Quality

Yamaha Guitars are knnown for the quality of sound that comes from them. Like other models, the APX600BL also caters magnificent sound quality. The piezo pickup that is built in within the guitar enables its player to have great experience while playing the guitar in a studio environment. The construction and design of the guitar also contributes in a great way in producing the resonating sounds. The quality of material used in the guitar also has a great influence in the sound produced by the APX600BL Yamaha guitar.  The below video will give you an idea about the quality of sound.

Pros and cons


Thinline and smaller scale length.
Increased response and acoustic volume.


❎ No CONs

Washburn guitars also have a good repo among the musicc lovers. the company is manufacturing quality guitars since 1883.

The biggest USP of Washburn guitars is their price. Like other brands, Washburn doesnot charge a hefty ammount for their guitars and that too without compromising on the quality.


Design and make

The WG7SCE  Acoustic guitar features  a solid spruce top which makes the tone of the guitar improve as time passes. 

The quality of design and make of the guitar is unmatched at this price range. The Ovangkol fretboard which has a 1.6” nut width and 20 frets is easilly accessible which give a big boost to the playability of the guitar.

Also there are the Mahogany backs and sides, that are beautifully laminated and has a glossy finish and cream body binding.

This Harvest series guitar has a 25.5” scale length that makes it an elegant, all round guitar for you to pick and play in no time.

For the elctrical side of the guitaar, I must mention that the instrument features a EQ4T preamp system. Along with that if you bring home the guitar you will get 4-band EQ and a notch control thal helps in feedback reduction. 

The Harvest series  WG7SCE is an acoustic-electric guitar which features awesome make and built. the quality of materials used to manufacture the guitar give it a premium look and feel.

Let me point down the make and built of the guitar along with it’s sound quality. Here I go.

Sound Quality

The materials used in the guitar i.e Mahogany, Rosewood and spruce leave no stone unturned in giving the instrument a rich , sweet and warm tone.  The Grand Auditorium size as well as the solid spruce top caters a big acoustic projection of the guitar. However the preamp makes sure that the sound of the guitar is amplified quite naturally.

Even though the amplification is not as organic as the higher priced models of the same brand, the guitar by no less can be rejected or considered unworthy for a full-packed stage performance. The onboard EQ and feedback control enables a great versatility to the instrument.

Check the below video to get the sound quality of the instrument

Pros and cons


Materials used are of high quality.

Construction is extraordinary for optimum comfort.

✅Superb sound projection


❎ The only bad thing about the guitar is saddle quality.

Epiphone is an American musical instrument that has a good reputation for introducing quality stringed instruments in the market. Since 1873 they have been pioneering the music instrument with cutting edge quality guitars. 

The Epiphone AJ-220S is one such model of Epiphone’s wide range of guitars. This guitar that wears a beautiful look is definitely a perfect choice for those who are craving for quality sound at an affordable price. 

Let me briefly state the make and design of the guitar followed by the quality of its sound

Design and make

The AJ-220S features an advanced jumbo design that is convenient for both adults and kids to play with. This guitar has a great design and finish which is truly reflected in the mahogany back and sides along with the solid spruce top. Epiphone has a century old experience of manufacturing world-class guitars which is seen in the AJ-220S model too. The body depth and the width of the shoulders provide ample sound chamber for loud and full bodied tone of the guitar.

Sound Quality

The Epiphone Aj0220S is your perfect pick for any kind music genre. Be it rock or country or bluegrass, this guitar gives the perfectly blended sound quality, thanks to quality of materials used in making the instrument. Your solo practice sessions or the stage performances will be enlightened by the full bodied tone of the guitar. The quality of sound of the guitar enhances as the wood of the guitar matures with time. Get ready to enthrall your audiences with the robust and rich sound that is detailed in all aspects. Last but not the least, the guitar has an amazing projection that is unmatched for any other instruments within this price range. Check this video below where some guitarists have tried this model of Epiphone guitar.

Pros and cons


✅ Affordable price range for most.

✅Superb sound projection


❎ Some players have complained about buzzes when playing on some frets

Concluding Words

Now that you have got to know about the “best acoustic guitars under 300”, I believe you can definitely make a right decision in choosing your instrument. 

With the right resource in your hand and an ample amount of practice with the instrument, no one put any hindrance in your journey of becoming a true rock star. 

Let me assume that this article has quenched your thirst to know about the “best acoustic guitar under 300”.  



A professional guitarist and Guitar trainer, I love to write reviews of different guitar brands as well as music equipment.

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